Civil Rights

Three NFL players Kneel During Veterans Day.


Since the beginning of the 2017 NFL season, many players have either knelt, sat or raised a fist during the American National anthem. Raising controversy around the country. However with the recent celebration of Veterans Day, fewer NFL players have protested during the national anthem. The NFL player association argued and asked the players in order to honor the veterans. Even players such as, Michael Bennett, who has been protesting since the beginning stood during the anthems. However there were three players who still knelt despite the occasion.

Should there be limitations on free speech?


Candice Malcolm, writer of news article “Our free speech is already under attack”, believes that freedom of speech is essential for a free society. She says it is not only about sharing oppositions to opinions you don’t agree with, rather, it’s purpose is to civilly debate with others on subjects including those we do not agree with. Debates are learning experiences, they expose people to different perspectives other than their own. Moreover, Canadians are united by the ability to take criticism from others and through the understanding of opposing views.

Anti–fascism & anti–racism rallies in Florida


Around the World, multiple events occur daily, many of which either positively affects democracy and diversity or affects them negatively, in Florida, such an event recently took place. About one month ago, anti-fascist activists started marching and rallying against Richard Spencer on the University of Florida, an estimated number of 1,000 people joined in the march (Strickland, 2017).

Far-right and far-left groups rising in Québec


Political tensions escalate inexorably in North America and some other places around the world. The highly polarized divisive political climate pushes apart extreme ying-yangs who demonstrate and protest in the streets, occasionally turning violent by both groups’ perceived opponent extremes, exactly what the climate is: polarization. In Québec, no doubt then, to see that there are strong nationalist groups for which Québecois identity is threatened by rising levels of immigration.

Who Will Win the Game of Thrones?


There is a lot at stake in terms of power for Nova Scotia residents living in the Halifax community. Why, you may ask? A battle currently wages on three fronts – the first concerns the Canadian government, more specifically officials within the ministry of Environment and Climate Change. Northern Pulp, a manufacturing industry dedicated to processing bleached softwood into pulp, is the second player in this equation. The third and final participants in this confrontation are the people living and thriving in the Halifax community.

Canada's Chemical Valley

The article presented by Global News, highlights the stressed laid upon the locals of Sarnia from an industrial parkway, known as the Chemical Valley. This collection of news stories displayed the struggles that families face regarding their health and the steps taken toward mitigating this problem. Studies show that Sarnia has one of the highest rates of respiratory cancer cases in all of Canada. The locals blame this outbreak on the 60 oil refining plants that are crammed within 20 square miles.

The Environmental Impacts of an Aquatic Oil Spill on the Heiltsuk First Nations

The Heiltsuk First Nations is continuing to suffer from the effects of an oil spill that occurred last fall along the coast of Bella Bella, B.C. The tugboat ran aground creating extensive damage to the bilge tank, causing an estimated 110,000 litres of diesel and another 2,000 litres of lubricants to be pumped out into the ocean. The aquatic spill has resulted in the contamination of Gale Pass, a sacred Heiltsuk harvesting area that is home to manila clam and other shellfish.

It's Time to Clean Up Our Act, but first, Let's Clean First Nation's Water

By the standards of most people, access to water is a basic human right. Water is necessary for all aspects of human life; from birth to death, water supports us all. However, there are countless Indigenous people in Canada that face each day without adequate access to clean or accessible water for drinking, bathing or cooking. In the Huffington Post article ”Canada First Nations Water Issues Need to be Fixed: UN", the author, Jessica Chin, addresses the recurring issues on First Nations reserves in Canada.