Civil Rights

Blog Post 2 Q.6

Blog Post 2 - Zach Dose


6. What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history?


Catalonia Independence


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Marijuana Legalization

Slow-mo Monday


Canda injustice

Canada injustice



NFL biggest disrespect


Slavery in 2017?


In mid-November, CNN broadcasted slaves being auctioned off for some as less than 100$ at a Libyan Slave Market. An individual who was part of the slave auction shared his story in this article by Premium Times. Victory Imasuen was a barber who saved up money to open up a barber shop in Europe. Once they arrived in Libya, the driver who had driven Victory had announced he had not been paid, and Victory and others were taken and sold as slaves. He and 10 other Nigerians were sold and kept in a small room which kept more than 200 people locked up.

Judge Suspends Temporarily Bill 62.


A superior court judge has granted a temporary stay to Bill 62. The suspension will allow muslim woman to continue wearing the Niqab until further regulations and approval of the bill have been placed. Couillard stated that the result was something he expected would happen, however he believes that the law will pass as is since it is for security reasons and not for xenophobic reasons.

Bonjour or Hi?


The debate on language has been on going in Quebec forever. For some reason, we can’t come to a conclusion that choice of language, shouldn’t be offensive in any way. But lately, the court/government hasn’t been very compassionate when asked if there could be more than one main language. In Quebec, the answer is always French. Not only have they removed all English from any title of stores or signs, etc. Now, they are telling us the way we should greet people. No more “Bonjour, Hi!” but simply “Bonjour”.

Trump's removes the US from the UN refugee and migrant policy.


Migration is a movement that has blown up with the evolution of transportation, what would take months to years on boat 4 centuries ago, now would take at most 2 days. However, the current president of the United States, Donald J. Trump has a different plan for immigration in his country. He recently pulled out from the migration pact that was agreed upon with the former president Barack Obama. The migration pact stated that the participating countries would respect the rights of refugees and migrants and help them integrate into society.