Malala Yousafzai: Making a Change in Women’s Rights

In 2012, a young girl by the name of Malala Yousafzai captured our attention when she was shot in the head by the Taliban… and survived. The now 16 year old was shot for fighting for women’s right to education, but how did it get that far?


Heroin is in and Hoffman’s out


Since the death of 46 year old actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, the cause of death was suspected to be murder related. Four individuals were arrested, while searching for whomever sold the drugs to Hoffman, Wednesday the fifth of February on charges of possession and distribution of controlled substances. Among the drugs there were more than 350 bags of heroin that were seized.

Fun in the Metro?


According to an article titled “Youths’ metro drinking marathon under police investigation” written by Andy Riga and published by The Montreal Gazette on March 29, 2013, teenagers and young adults have been seen doing inappropriate and illegal activities in Montreal’s metro system.

Multitasking or concentration ?


 According to the article ‘’ Wired for Distraction: Kids and Social Media’’ written by Dalton Conley on the Time Magazine states that today’s technology is getting more dangerous than ever.

Kids are not only getting, for sexual predators, easier to reach, but they also have access to inappropriate, but they also have access to inappropriate material.

Teen Pregnancy: 100% Preventable

     34% of teenage women will get pregnant each year under the age of twenty. Of that 34%, 80% of the pregnancies are unplanned (  Teen pregnancy is a growing problem in society because teenagers are having children when they aren’t fully grown themselves. Taking a financial and emotional burden on at a young age causes a continuous struggle that even adults, at an older more prepared stage in their life, have to try to balance to ensure happiness for themselves and their child.

The Effects of Significant Others on Body Image and Body Changes in Adolescents


Based on recent studies, the influences of parents, peers, and media on adolescent girls is far higher than the influence on adolescent boys. Particularly the mother has the greatest influence on their daughters’ appearance, eating practices, and their self-esteem. Researchers also show that daughters who are bulimic or have some type of eating disorder are likely to have been compelled or pressured to by their own mothers (Marita P. McCabe, 2003).