water use

It's Not As Simple As H2O

An article by Keith Leslie published in the Globe and Mail describes a major issue directly affecting the Guelph area; water use. This article digs deeply to prove that Ontario’s efforts to manage water use for both industry and agriculture is insufficient. It is described as municipalities, industry, and farmers have a so called “free ride” when it comes to water use.

Is there enough water in the Athabasca River?

The Athabasca River has supplied oil industries with water for many decades. The article “Oilsands may face severe water shortages, Athabasca River study” by Emily Chung from CBC News, discusses the arising issue that the water levels in the Athabasca River are depleting due to the oil industry’s level of water use. To produce one barrel of crude oil, over three barrels of fresh water is needed.

Taps Full of Air


     Milton, a small town on the coast of Newfoundland has been experiencing yearly decline in water supply. Leaving the towns people with no water in their taps for days, as their local watering pond dries up. Chair of the local service district (Craig Pardy), says there simply hasn’t been enough rainfall to replenish the water supply, which is solely ground fed. Right now the only quick solution they have is requesting water from the neighbouring town to use water from fire hydrants until the pond recovers.