Mental Illness is not the Only Issue

On January 22nd of 2016, a shooting occurred at the Dene high school campus of the La Loche Community School in Saskatchewan. Authors Ben Spurr and Joanna Smith make it very clear to their readers that the 17 year old male suspect, who is charged with four counts of first-degree murder and seven counts of attempted murder, was a victim of bullying and kept to himself. The accused first opened fire on two brothers, aged 15 and 17, in their home before killing two teachers and injuring seven other in the community school.

Time To Change Our Ways

            In summary, Jen Floyd Engel argues against the public reaction to Greg Hardy’s domestic violence case. The Carolina Panthers re-signed him, the NFL let him play, the fans blamed the victim and we all became bystanders to an issue that was never truly dealt with. The defensive end was originally found guilty and following an appeal was given a misdemeanor. She also discusses the constant oblivious stance we take when defending the stars of our favorite sports teams.

Is Heavily Censoring War and Violence in the Media Really Doing Us Any Good ?

In recent decades the portrayal of war violence in Western media has become more regulated and less anticipated by audiences. The use of certain graphic images or detailed content concerning war is for the most part highly censored due to underlying ethical issues, as well as potential consequences this kind of mass exposure could have on audiences. In contrast, other audiences that are exposed to non-Western media outlets such as Al-Jazeera “quite reasonably [expect] gore and dead bodies to be part of war coverage” (Friedersdorf, 2013).

Men and the unspeakable acts

When it comes to violence, there are many questions asked. But one that is never fully questioned is why men are the ones committing most of these acts.


Censorship has always been kind of a big deal in terms of what we should censor, who should censor, why we should censor a certain piece and I could go on. I can definitely say that I'm against all censorship. I think that whatever an artist creates, as long as it doesn't cause physical harm to someone, go against the law or anything along those lines, should be given full credit for. Sure warnings and age limits should be advised but nothing should be blocked off to certain groups of people.

A never ending story of hate and violence

Montreal Mafia’s History is neither short nor pleasant. It is a story far from finished that appears to be more elaborate and obscure that what we really think. The following article will treat of the recent violence and murders that occurred at Montreal behind which the Mafia figures as a major actor. To do so, two news articles published respectively on the CTV news and on The Gazette websites, as well as an academic journal treating of organized crime related to the Mafia will be discussed and analyzed.

St. Michel: The land of gunfire


On Friday the 15th of February 2013 at 5 p.m., a 35 year old man was the target of numerous gunshots. The victim was not injured in this incident and was transported to a hospital where he was kept because of the mental shock he endured. According to Paul Cherry’s article published on The Gazette‘s website on the 16th of February 2013, the incident took place at the residential area of 9th Avenue and Denis-Papin.

Protesters getting out of control, is violence really the answer?


During a protest in Montreal, 36 people had been arrested according to an article from the Montreal Gazette by The Canadian Press on February 9th 2013. The protests were against Quebec's northern development plan. It was only on the second day of protests that they had been arrested due to the use of violence. The protesters had damaged nearby buildings and a flare gun was fired.

When fear kills one’s dignity


On Friday, February first 2013, a 48 year old man was beaten and dragged along the street naked by soldiers in Cairo near to president Morsi’s house. Hamada Saber went to protest with his family against the new president’s reign when he got caught by a group of police officers who dangerously harmed him and beat while being naked him with truncheons.

The rise of an Arabic winter, a dream or reality?


On Sunday the 27th of January 2013, Egypt’s president and leader of the Islamic brotherhood, Mohammed Morsi announced the imposition of a curfew and a state of emergency that will last 30 days in three provinces following all the unexpected violence that occurred in the past few days.