M[us]lims: How the Media Feeds [Us] Opinions

In a perfect world, the media would be unbiased and would simply inform people of certain events and issues, instead of feeding them opinions. In the real world, this does not hold true. Because of the media’s powerful influence and presence, almost anything that they display is taken to heart, and strongly affects a population’s thoughts and beliefs. The media needs to act responsibly when informing the population, as to not cause damage or distress to a significant sample of the population at large.

Are women the "exclusive" terrorists?

When it comes to terrorism, gender plays a significant role. Not only do women have a special part in terrorist organizations, but also the term terrorism bears a special notion when it comes to gender. Using the examples of the film "The Attack" and of well-known German terrorist groups, I want to show how gender and terrorism are intertwined. 

"The Attack"

Successful counter-terrorism operation or illegal attack?



By Yonathan Gebermedhin and Jonathan Grant 

When one thinks of a news organization like CNN, their first thought is surely of the country they operate in, the United States of America. But nowadays, citizens of the U.S. are becoming skeptical of their own news agencies, fearing government censorship and bias. Often, this leads to a search for the other side of the story, where a fresh perspective can be found and explored.