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Teen pregnancy is on the rise in Canada

According to an article posted On the Globe and Mail. Teen pregnancy has become a trend and almost a normal predicament for teenagers.  When Canada was experiencing declines in teen pregnancy in the 70’s that number is greatly increasing into today’s society. In 2010 pregnancy for women around the age 15 to 19 increased by 40 percent in New Brunswick and almost 36 percent in Newfoundland and more than 17 percent in Nova Scotia and finally 15percent in Manitoba


Teen Pregnancy: 100% Preventable

     34% of teenage women will get pregnant each year under the age of twenty. Of that 34%, 80% of the pregnancies are unplanned (teenhelp.com).  Teen pregnancy is a growing problem in society because teenagers are having children when they aren’t fully grown themselves. Taking a financial and emotional burden on at a young age causes a continuous struggle that even adults, at an older more prepared stage in their life, have to try to balance to ensure happiness for themselves and their child.

National Campaign Prevention

     The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy is a group that makes their purpose known right in their title. “National Day” is a program that runs through the month of May that has facts upon teenage pregnancy, the consequences from sexual behaviors, and interactive quizzes that have results, which seem to have affected teenagers in a positive way upon thinking about their behaviors.

Sex Ed on Sexual Behaviors

     While reading Douglas Kirby’s article, I found it very interesting that when educating students about sex prevention, strictly talking about abstinence and not including information about contraceptives or STDs makes prevention less effective than talking about all three at the same time (Kirby, 2007). Merely talking about abstinence to a teenager does not make contraceptive use or abstinence rate increase (Kirby, 2007). Results yield positive outcomes when teenagers are informed about STD possibilities, pregnancy facts, and prevention (Kirby, 2007).

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     Teen Pregnancy not only impacts the lives of the mothers, but also the children themselves. According to Dr. Weiss (2010), the United States has the highest rate of pregnancies in all industrialized nations. Teens who become parents also have to deal with health risks due to the fact that a woman’s body wasn’t designed to have children at a young age.

Teen Pregnancy: A Continuous Struggle

Teen Pregnancy: A Continuous Struggle