Pretty In Pink.

                When I was a kid I never really had a favourite colour, and I still don't. However I do remember this one time I was in first grade, the teacher had the class do a poll on which colour was better than others. Each child could only vote once.
At that time if I had to choose a colour, I’d say that I preferred blue more than others.

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In a given situation, say you’re driving down the road and the driver ahead of you is hugging the edge of the street, misses a turn and has to turn around, forgets to use a blinker, or commits some sort of driving mistake that you notice. Eventually the road turns into two lanes and you’re able to pull into the left lane and get ahead of the other driver. As you accelerate past the other car, you glance over and realize that the driver happens to be a woman. “Typical” you think to yourself. This situation is known as a stereotype.

Sex Stereotypes related to Children

Sex Stereotypes in Children

Blog News on Gender Equality


This article briefly speaks about gender inequality within Zimbabwean families. Its main focuses are the roots of gender inequality and how it springs from what is learned from birth and what’s taught in your me. Not only is it taught but also it is enforced and instilled through the actions of the parents to their kids. The article executes its point on gender equality by talking about the distribution of toys to children. Little girls receive dolls and babies while younger boys receive toy guns, and airplanes. These toys are what instills the child’s future. If one gender is found playing with the opposite gender’s toys then they are beaten and scolded by their parents and siblings.