instead of snorting coke...

I chose this ad to demonstrate how much different types of knowledge are necessary to understand the meaning of an image. On the one hand, the interpretation of this advertisement (of all images!) is based upon the knowledge the viewer may have access to. On the other hand, you always have to note the social context in which the ad is presented.

M[us]lims: How the Media Feeds [Us] Opinions

In a perfect world, the media would be unbiased and would simply inform people of certain events and issues, instead of feeding them opinions. In the real world, this does not hold true. Because of the media’s powerful influence and presence, almost anything that they display is taken to heart, and strongly affects a population’s thoughts and beliefs. The media needs to act responsibly when informing the population, as to not cause damage or distress to a significant sample of the population at large.

Steroids in Sports

Role Models and Steroids

Justin Mercer

Steroids in sports are used in many ways. Some athletes use them as a performing enhancer, others use steroids to block pain and get over injuries. Athletes like Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds, and Andy Pettite have abused steroids in order to better themselves in their career. Most of these athletes were aware of the risks that came with injecting these steroids into their bodies physically, politically, and socially.