Social Science

M[us]lims: How the Media Feeds [Us] Opinions

In a perfect world, the media would be unbiased and would simply inform people of certain events and issues, instead of feeding them opinions. In the real world, this does not hold true. Because of the media’s powerful influence and presence, almost anything that they display is taken to heart, and strongly affects a population’s thoughts and beliefs. The media needs to act responsibly when informing the population, as to not cause damage or distress to a significant sample of the population at large.

Promotion of Obesity: A Harsh Reality

***Disclaimer: I am, in no shape or form, promoting the bashing of people who suffer from obesity, or those who have insecurities about their bodies. My aim is to provide a factual and ethical view of what needs to be done in order to reduce and prevent obesity. ***

Electronic devices are a distraction

On Thursday November the 8th 2012 an article named ‘’Generation Text’’ was published in the CTV Montreal News. The article points out that today’s teenagers are becoming more and more depending on technology such as cell phones. They always have their cell phones in their hands at all time.

Straight Talk About Gay Marriage


Gene Robinson is an openly gay bishop of an Episcopal Church who tries to persuade people of “the viability and legitimacy of gay marriage” (Robinson 2012). His methods of getting through to the public about gay marriage is to reason with them instead of calling them out on their beliefs. He uses his faith and theology background to counterattack arguments by saying that “Jesus was silent on the issue” and, “Jesus was often seen as highly focused on family values” (Robinson 2012).