Ways to help fight sexism in the gaming industry



An important issue in the gaming industry these days is the sexism that women constantly experience; be it in the professional or amateur realm. Emily Sun, an esports (electronic sport) event organizer and co-founder of Smash Sisters, an advocacy group that supports girls and women playing competitive Super Smash Brothers, asked to her audience if any of them ever heard” Hey, you’re pretty good for a girl”. Almost everyone raised their hand. Sun says that it is a hard phrase to hear and respond to.

American Apparel and Sexism

Sexism in American Apparel Advertising


Objectification is Not a Game

In this advertisement for the portable gaming system called the PlayStation Vita, a faceless woman is shown to have two sets of breasts, one on her front and one on her back. The tag line, “touch both sides for added enjoyment,” is written in a small minimalist font and is positioned in the bottom right corner. Unsurprisingly, the poster focuses on the provocatively clothed woman and not on the advertised product.

When Sexism Makes you Understand the Invalidity of “Race”

Racism and the notion of “race” are two of the various concepts that contributes to divide humans into sub-categories. Some of our actions also help to keeping these terms alive. However, as a community, we should realize that such conduct engenders hurtful consequences.