renewable energy

Global Trends to Combat Climate Change


Stories of the disastrous consequences of climate change as well as attempts to fight it have been in headlines for years now. Fortunately, there have been recent global trends to combat the menace that is climate change—including improvements for environmentally-friendly products and the gradual abandonment of environment-damaging processes.

The UK cannot regulate a Clean Energy Industry if it doesn’t exist

Providing the UK with clean energy is becoming ever more challenging, seemingly made so by the government.  Fiona Harvey, an environmental journalist for the Guardian, states that government policy is to blame for a lack of clean energy investment in the UK as written in her recent article Confusing government policy biggest threat to UK clean energy, says top academic.

Money is Power


Imagine if it were possible to have nation depend only on renewable energy. Would we make it happen? Would politicians make it happen? Would corporations let it happen?