The Ongoing Debate of the Removal of Kirpans


The debate around the Kirpan has been present in Québec for a few years and is still to this day discussed by opposite worldviews. The issue around the Kirpan, a religious symbol worn by Sikhs, comes from the debate whether the symbolic weapon should be accepted in schools or any other public place where security is mandatory. In his article for The Globe and Mail, John Ibbitson discusses the issue.


Deck the Halls with...Discrimination?

     Discrimination is a topic that's hotter than cocoa, more pungent than fresh-cut pine, and louder than carols. Who ever thought that Christians would be discriminated against for celebrating their own holiday incorrectly? Christmas, the holiday that is world renowned (even among atheists) for its peace and joy, is now being pounced upon with hatred. While public acknowledgement of Chanukah and Kwanzaa is on the rise, Christmas is being forcibly shaken from the public circle.

Love Thy Neighbour: How the church is getting involved

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to become acquainted with a couple churches around the South Shore and in Montreal, getting a better sense of what each is doing in order to get involved with their community and with global issues.

Growing up in a Christian community, I’d sometimes felt that the church was separate from the outside world. It seemed as though there was an invisible rift between the people I would see during a Sunday service and those that would sit next to me in class; sermons and worship seemingly never intersected with real-world issues.

The Papacy for New Power


In an article for CBC News, the Associated Press describes the way in which Pope Francis’ papacy has shown itself to be reflective of modern leadership tendencies. Noting that the Church has often been self-centered and isolated from its followers, Francis calls for priests to “get out of their sacristies, get their shoes muddy, [and] get involved in the lives of their faithful”.

‘Moral selving’ and Faith-based volunteering


In a review for Social Forces of Rebecca Anne Allahyari’s book “Vision of Charity: Volunteer Workers and Moral Community”, Cheryl Carpenter outlines the research performed by Allahyari in two different meal programs in Sacramento, California: Loaves & Fishes, and a Salvation Army meal program.

Though both programs ultimately had the same goal – providing meals for the poor – their backgrounds and different contributors mean that they “defined, justified and practiced this work in markedly different ways with different consequences for volunteers”.

M[us]lims: How the Media Feeds [Us] Opinions

In a perfect world, the media would be unbiased and would simply inform people of certain events and issues, instead of feeding them opinions. In the real world, this does not hold true. Because of the media’s powerful influence and presence, almost anything that they display is taken to heart, and strongly affects a population’s thoughts and beliefs. The media needs to act responsibly when informing the population, as to not cause damage or distress to a significant sample of the population at large.

Law before God? (Post #1)


Religion is one of the biggest problems in society. There are so many different religions that people aren’t going to except every single one, which causes arguments and major problems. Religion shouldn’t be one of the biggest focuses in society, for example, if the religion a person is part of says to wear something then that shouldn’t become a problem. The only thing that would have to be above religion in society is the law. The law shouldn’t attack religion nor support it.

Does Faith and Work Mix?


According to Joshua Stewart more religious issues in the workplace have been coming up over the past couple months. Which leads people to ask, to what degree can faith be practiced while in the workplace? For example, a judge sided with a Sikh man rather than the car dealership that chose not to hire him because of the beard on his face. Another judge stated that any business owner has no right to lecture an employee, especially on the owner’s own religious customs and beliefs. Over the past 15 years religious issues in the workplace have doubled.

Religion Brought Into Classrooms

Should religion be brought into American schools? Face to Faith thinks so and they believe that they have developed a great program to implement it.

Freedom of Religion vs. Neutrality


When I first heard about Pauline Marois’ values charter, I was shocked and could not believe my ears what I was hearing. I had to inform myself about this new charter to make sure it was not just a “joke”. To my misfortune, I found out that there was actually a serious debate over this charter.