More than Just the Words "Don't be Racist"

I came into this class with very low expectations. I very much expected to simply hear fifteen weeks of the message “Don’t be racist” in as many variants as are humanly possible. Although it still isn’t my favorite class, I have been pleasantly surprised. My thinking on “races” has evolved, which is legitimately unexpected. I don’t think I was particularly racist to begin with, but this class really helped me put my thoughts on the matter more coherently. Particularly, the information on “concordance” has been enlightening (Diamond, J., 2016, para.9).

Race: A sense of Identity


“Race: A sense of Identity”

The Fallacy of “Races”

As a child, learning about the term “race” and gradually understanding what racism implied was somewhat terrifying and mesmerizing: why did we separate people, I thought we were all part of the same family? I was curious as to why the concept even existed. As the years went by, I sort of ignored the fact that people were categorized into “races” as my parents never supported this “arbitrary system of racial classification” (Diamond, 1994, para. 39).

No Biological Diffrence

Race is a very touchy subject in society today. It used to be that race wasn’t a problem and racism was accepted and encouraged basically everywhere. Nowadays, it is not alright. It is not alright to be racist and it is becoming less and less alright to use race in any situation. I recently read Jared Diamond’s article ``Race Without Color`` and one part I very much liked was when he said that we cannot classify people like we do with animals because it changes how we view that person. He says that when we classify someone as different than us we subconsciously justify discrimination.

What Colour do you Bleed?

Racism is  a very present issue in the world that we live in. We hear, talk or maybe even experience it everyday. Learning about race and racism has already opened my eyes and I am already starting to look at the world differently. What has shocked me the most so far in this anthropology class is realizing that race is nothing but a social construct. They are beliefs that have been imposed on us that do not even exist scientifically. If everybody stopped believing in races and racism then it would not exist and therefore not be a social issue.

The Physical Boundary Between Friend and Foe

In our recent Race and Racism classes, we have discussed various ideas that revolve around the creation of a widely used term that is race. Although there are much more beliefs and theories to explain physical diversity among geographical regions, Diamond mentions three approaches which are: natural selection, sexual selection, and random genetic factors. Despite the fact that each of these concepts provide an interesting basis as to how physical traits are distributed geographically, for the sake of this paper I will focus solely on sexual selection.

When Sexism Makes you Understand the Invalidity of “Race”

Racism and the notion of “race” are two of the various concepts that contributes to divide humans into sub-categories. Some of our actions also help to keeping these terms alive. However, as a community, we should realize that such conduct engenders hurtful consequences. 

Calling Out The Fashion Industry - The Most Common Racist Art

The article "Black Model Nykhor Paul Is 'Tired Of Apologizing For [Her] Blackness' posted by Julee Wilson on August 17th 2015 to Huffington Post Canada centers around the idea of racism in the fashion industry. South Sudanese model Nykhor Paul's Instagram post is referenced, where she expresses her annoyance of professional makeup/hair stylists not being prepared to deal with a black girl by not having the right color makeup or never having practiced with dark hair textures.

“Scratch My Back, and I’ll Scratch Yours”: Stereotypes are over, if you want it.

Part A) Summary.                                                                                                    

Owner of Miami Dolphins Takes a Stand Against Racism


            The article: “Owner of Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross creates non-profit, RISE to fight bullying and racism” was written by Rebecca Lee and was published October 16th, 2015. The author discusses racist events which occurred in the history of the team and the efforts made by the current owner to make sure this sort of conduct is never seen in sports again. In 2013, the Miami Dolphins were implicated in a scandal when one of their players quit mid-season. Jonathan Martin claimed he had received several racist comment from one of his teammates; Richie Icognito.