“Mom, I Want to be a Native American for Halloween!”

Halloween is coming, meaning that frenetic research for the perfect costume might begin soon. However, racism and stereotypes are often spread through these disguises as many are unaware that these clothes provide of a bad representation of certain cultural groups.

Are All White People Racist?

In today’s society, racism is a topic that is frequently discussed. We question what race means and what does it mean to be racist. According to one teacher giving a lecture at a high school in Oklahoma, being white means that you are racist. This teacher was giving a lecture at Norman North High School, a lecture with the goal to heal racial divides. Instead the teacher, who was not named in the article published on The Washington Post website, said that being white makes you racist in an article titled “ ‘To be white is to be racist, period,’ a high school teacher told his class”.

The Physical Traits of Race

We tend to believe that we can classify individuals into certain categories based on their “race”. After taking this anthropology class I realised that we, human, do not know much about “race”. In this essay I will provide reasons on why my view on the concept of race started to change. 

Race: A sense of Identity


“Race: A sense of Identity”

No Biological Diffrence

Race is a very touchy subject in society today. It used to be that race wasn’t a problem and racism was accepted and encouraged basically everywhere. Nowadays, it is not alright. It is not alright to be racist and it is becoming less and less alright to use race in any situation. I recently read Jared Diamond’s article ``Race Without Color`` and one part I very much liked was when he said that we cannot classify people like we do with animals because it changes how we view that person. He says that when we classify someone as different than us we subconsciously justify discrimination.

When Sexism Makes you Understand the Invalidity of “Race”

Racism and the notion of “race” are two of the various concepts that contributes to divide humans into sub-categories. Some of our actions also help to keeping these terms alive. However, as a community, we should realize that such conduct engenders hurtful consequences. 

The Miss understanding of Race is not a Myth; it's a Neighbouring reality

In one of the first lectures of my third semester class “ The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism,” we were told a logical reasoning that there is no such thing as human races, but rather a single race known as the human race. Following this discussion, we were asked to identity which ‘race’ we are.  Without hesitation, I answered, “I am Caucasian,” thinking this was a simple question. Yet seeing from the responses of my classmates, I was deemed wrong.  The individuals sitting next to me truly believed that being Jewish or Irish was a race.

“Scratch My Back, and I’ll Scratch Yours”: Stereotypes are over, if you want it.

Part A) Summary.                                                                                                    

Another Day in Internet Paradise, or “I’m Only Joking”

The article that I will be focusing on is entitled “When His Beautiful Wedding Photos Were Used for a Racist Meme, This Man Fought Back” by Margarita Noriega on June 2nd, 2015 for Vox. The article mainly focuses on the internet's unfortunate ability to transform beautiful and personal moments into offensive, racist slurs, and how one man sets the record straight. On September 13th 2014, Adam and Tisa Harris were officially pronounced as a newly-wed couple. Eleven days later, Adam uploaded his wedding photos on his personal Tumblr blog.