The Ongoing Debate of the Removal of Kirpans


The debate around the Kirpan has been present in Québec for a few years and is still to this day discussed by opposite worldviews. The issue around the Kirpan, a religious symbol worn by Sikhs, comes from the debate whether the symbolic weapon should be accepted in schools or any other public place where security is mandatory. In his article for The Globe and Mail, John Ibbitson discusses the issue.


Why are dropout rates higher in Aboriginal communities than in the rest of Canada?

On average, Aboriginal people in Quebec are less well educated than all Aboriginal Canadians, who are themselves less well educated than all Canadians. In Quebec, the proportion of Aboriginal people is almost three times greater than elsewhere in Canada, and a larger proportion of First Nations people lives on reserves. The poverty among the Aboriginal people is increasing in Canada. This meaningful issue is one of the main cause of school dropout of the Aboriginal people.

The Co-Existence of French and English in Québec


Patrice Bergeron wrote an article for La Presse, a francophone journal, entitled ‘’Le Québec peut aussi parler au monde en Anglais, dit Lisée’’*. This article was published on February 1, 2017, and the following is a summary of Bergeron’s text (

Government Finances and Marijuana in Quebec

With Phillip Couillard looking to cut nearly $2.4 billion from Quebec spendings[14], solutions definitely have to be found. As of now, the liberal party of quebec is focusing on cuts to public services rather than creating additional revenue streams. With a healthy weed culture and minimal enforcement on individuals, Quebec looks to be one of the best prospects in Canada for marijuana legalization.

Russian Water: Death Guaranteed


Earlier this month, I posted an article about Jean-Sebastien Chouinard who advocates against the consumption of alcohol especially that of underage teens. The dangers of heavy alcohol consumption are real and there is no better example than the new social hit of the Neknomination.

Civil Rights Across the Globe



The Great Debate


Henri Brun, a former Supreme Court judge chose to speak out on the Charter of Values proposed by the provincial government. He stated that while he believes that this Charter will bring years of conflict and trouble he still thinks that it shouldn’t be dropped. Brun, along with a group of pro-charter lawyers who go by the name of “Juristes pour la laïcité et la neutralité religieuse de l’État” believe that the charter is constitutional and valid. According to the beliefs of this group faith is a personal matter that should not be forced upon anyone nor displayed in public.

Plan Nord, Quebec

Quebec, the province I live in, is one of the richest region in north-america. We own more or less 30% of the total clean water on the entire planet and we own a lot of minerals. Since few decades, companies from the U.S like “Nestlé” (which is a branch of the multinational company “Coca-cola”), are harvesting our clean water through pipe lines, bottling it and then reselling it to people. The big problem with that is that they are taking our water, which is a natural resource and then they make us pay for it ! I find that outrageous !

Freedom of Religion vs. Neutrality


When I first heard about Pauline Marois’ values charter, I was shocked and could not believe my ears what I was hearing. I had to inform myself about this new charter to make sure it was not just a “joke”. To my misfortune, I found out that there was actually a serious debate over this charter.