Too many people?


There have been all kinds of wars waged throughout history: wars waged in name of personal vendetta, war over land, war over religions and ideologies, war against rulers (kings not the measuring rulers), war against racism and sexism, and etc... A report from 1999 Statewatch stated that the currently increasing population could cause some serious repercussion to the environment as it cannot meet the demanded resources needed in order to sustain the consuming population. 


More People, More Problems

Since the industrialization, human population has grown exponentially. Through the use of environmentally-destructive technology and overconsumption, the consequences of human action have grown to a global scale, endangering life itself, and in the years to come, population growth is bound to play an even more important role in climate change. Though an easily avoidable problem, short term planning is completely detrimental to long term human and environmental conditions because it encourages the use of environmentally-damaging technologies for immediate economic convenience.

Booming Population has its Consequences


In Dennis Dimick’s article “As World’s Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough”, we are brought into the light of the impacts that our increased growth population has brought on to our planet as well as the people living on it. In the article, Dimick gives different theories for what could become of our population in the next hundred years, with one theory marking us down for our population to increase more then 11 billion by 2100.