Photography Rules

A picture is worth a thousand words. Learning to take good photographs is therefore crucial in journalism. Pictures are complementary to journalistic articles, because they allow to catch the attention of the reader. A few basic photography rules are particularly important to know: the rule of thirds, the rule of odds and the rule of space.

To begin, the rule of thirds is probably the most basic of all photography rules. It is about dividing a shot into nice equal sections by imagining vertical and horizontal lines, as it can be seen in figure 1.


Is the picture more important than the person?

What if shooting someone could save their life? This belief is what gives war photographers peace of mind. War photographers go into countries on behalf of news agencies and magazines with directives to expose the truth to the western world. The more shocking an image, the better. Often this means photographs of emancipated Africans that look like skeletons, mounds of corpses, live executions and extreme police brutality that shock people into action, and horrible memories that leave photographers asking themselves if it’s all worth it.