Drunken Hook-Up Nation

In their article, Lisa Menegatos, Linda C. Lederman & Aaron Hess (2010) explore how friendship bonds affect how you act in a situation with friends and alcohol. This experiment studies, through survey, what 141 undergraduate college students would do when an intoxicated female friend was asked to go home with a male that she has never met before. In this study students used iClickers to click in the response to the following question during a power point presentation in one of their classes:       

Partying Triumphs Studying


On average, college freshman spend a longer time drinking than they do actually studying. Part of the college experience is drinking and going to parties but based on a survey distributed to more than 30,000 freshmen across 76 campuses students spend over 10 hours a week drinking and only 8.4 studying. The survey also points out that the lowest of all the activities students are involved in only 2.2 hours are spent actually working for money (Marklein 2009).