A vehicle for change

In the doccumentary "The 16th Man" set in south africa in the 1990s during aparthied, Mandela succesufully used Springbok South Africa's Rugby team as a vehicle for change using it's popularity in his favor. Before 1995 the Springbok team was unable to join the Rugby World Cup because they refused any black players. In south Africa, Rugby was considered a White mans sport.

Rainbow Flag to be Raised at Montreal's City Hall During Winter Games


On Thursday, it was announced that, just like in other Canadian cities, the LGBT ‘rainbow’ flag would be raised above Montreal’s city hall.

Boycotting the Sochi Olympics

Re: “A stain on Putin's Olympic Glory” (Gazette, Feb. 3) With the Soc hi Olympics coming up and the backlash towards Putin's anti-gay policy so widespread, it is surprising that the international community is not boycotting the Olympic games. Participating countries should know where to draw the line between letting Russia get away with gross homophobia and defending their ever-patriotic love of sports.

The Sochi Games could be the first Olympics where the sporting events are not the main focus!


With the 2014 Winter Games just a few weeks away, tensions have risen between human rights protesters and the Russian Government! Last June, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill that prohibited any commercial messages that support equality between gays and heterosexuals. This law had an immediate impact throughout the world, and also created numerous human rights protests across the globe.


Boycotting the Russian Olympics: Who Would be the Real Losers?


            Should we boycott the Russian Olympics after the Russian government has announced its anti-gay propaganda law? This controversial law bans Russian citizens and visitors from influencing 'the practice of' same-sex orientation to minors. Since the law has been passed, Russians have been beaten and imprisoned because of their (suspected) sexual orientation. Now, with the upcoming Winter Olympics being held in Russia; state leaders are scrambling to make a decision on whether or not boycotting the Russian Olympics would be both a reasonable and a fair decision to take.