Journalistic Aspirations: The Myth of Objectivity or the Credibility of Impartiality?

Though I’ve concerned myself mostly with writing about civil rights issues or international matters, it’s become apparent that I had done so with the interest of also trying to understand, more clearly, the issue of fair representation and of objectivity in distributed news media. Of course, this issue seemed primarily non-existent in most of the posts that I’ve put up on NewsActivist, but by writing news summaries and delving more deeply into the world of both news and activism, I felt that it would be interesting to explore the similarities exhibited by both vocational pathways.

The Impartial Journalist Becomes the Deceitful Journalist?


In an Op-Ed piece published on October 27, 2013 by Bill Keller of The New York Times – titled “Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News?” – a conversation takes place between the mentioned author and former Guardian reporter, Glenn Greenwald. The exchange between the two men, which is spurred by Greenwald’s outspoken criticism of newspapers like The New York Times and his announced departure from the Guardian, focuses primarily (through its seven page length) on the issue of objectivity and impartiality in journalism.

Successful counter-terrorism operation or illegal attack?



By Yonathan Gebermedhin and Jonathan Grant 

When one thinks of a news organization like CNN, their first thought is surely of the country they operate in, the United States of America. But nowadays, citizens of the U.S. are becoming skeptical of their own news agencies, fearing government censorship and bias. Often, this leads to a search for the other side of the story, where a fresh perspective can be found and explored.