NASA Is Going To Michael Bay The Living Sh*t Out Of Space

Hey everybody, remember NASA? You know, those guys who put man on the moon? Well ever since the US cut their funding, we haven't really heard much about them. However, today, NASA announced that they're going to blow up space. Well, not word for word, but they are going to create the world's largest man-made explosion outside of Earth's atmosphere. Why do this? NASA actually has a damn good reason. This is part of a series of zero-gravity experiments designed to address "one of the greatest crew safety concerns.

Future of Space Programs

Kenneth Chang's article, The Final Frontier’s Financial Limits (, talks about the future of N.A.S.A.'s budget concerning planetary exploration and space exploration.

The Dream Chaser, a “success”

NASA is the definition of innovation. They will always try to find a better way to do a job. Presently, they are working on a new way to send astronauts to the International Space Shuttle (ISS). Traditional space shuttles are getting older and older, but the Dream Chaser will come and take its place in the near future.

Plastic…On Saturn’s Moon?

Plastic is an everyday sue material. We have plastic containers, plastic bottles and other common plastic objects. And for the first time in humanity, we found plastic outside our planet. And it is not far from us just a few light years away, on Saturn’s Moon.

The mysteries of Mars

Scientists were researching and investigating Mars for a very long time. Yet, they continue to find some new features of the Red Planet. How would you feel if you believed in something that wasn’t the real truth? Well, that’s how NASA scientists feel right now…