Modern day film piracy: a major threat or a solution?


          There is a huge problem that the industry of television, film and music face each year. This trouble is what we call the modern day “piracy”. Streaming online videos or downloading them for free has, according to some, a very destructive effect on the economy after we see the real consequences of people streaming films online.

The Power of Music!


   In the high school I attended to, any kinds of electrical devices were banned in the school. Technically speaking, we weren’t allowed to listen to music in the hallways during break, or while eating. Listening to music was not possible at all inside the school. Music has so many advantages on our mind and body, I do not understand why the school would ban music even while we weren’t in classes. I understand that music can distract students while the teacher is teaching and it’s disrespectful, but students should be allowed to listen to music while in breaks or at lunch hours.

Mackle-we want-more


On the 56th edition of the Grammy awards that took place on Sunday January 26, 2014 Seattle base rap artist Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed a planned marriage ceremony for 34 heterosexual and homosexual couples on stage. It was officiated by Queen Latifah in an interruption in their song on the subject matter, Same Love. The article features many acclamation to the performance but also homophobic remarks that were made on its regards.

Music and Training

Does the music has a real impact of our training? Do we modify our effort to match with the music tempo? Yes we are. That’s why Nike and Apple have created Nike + Ipod, to enable us to listen to our favorite music while training and meanwhile increasing our performance.

The Music Industry: What does the Future Hold?


The music industry has evolved exponentially from it's modest roots of Thomas Edison's voice-recording on a telegraph machine. The 20th and 21st centuries have seen pivotal developments in the business of music.

Please discuss key aspects of the ways in which the industry has developed. Also, what are some of the current issues facing the business? What are the implications of these issues for its future?

In other words, where has the music industry been and where do you perceive it's going?

Is Music an Expression of Culture, or does Culture Inform the Evolution of Music?


This is the "chicken/egg" debate to determine precedence. So, please share your thoughts on the following question:

Does music inform and shape a societal culture, or does societal culture inform and shape its music?