Misinformation in the Media

Why does media exist? Are they about information, or about sensation? A pit bull killed a woman during the last summer. Media such as T.V.A or L.C.N took that non-important news and took it to the front page; it created fear in the population. The government even had the idea of a law that would oblige the pit bull owner to let professionals kill their dogs. That example is one of many others. The real issue is that sensationalism in media can lead to disinformation.

Education, Income and Happiness

Many people think that having more money leads to happiness? Is that really true?


Price Jump in Canada

Life is already hard sometimes, but what if everything becomes more expensive ? Should we worry about it ?

Is the mutual Euro finally paying off?

I have mainly written on employment this year and also on the Euro crisis. I think most of the news was bad, but there seemed to be some good news for countries like Germany. Because of the financial crisis, thei borrowing costs have drop significantly and so they have to pay less to raise money in markets. The government saved money also because of low interest’s rate with the European Central Bank. The fact is that the difference between borrowing and loaning is inexistent. The money they get doesn’t come from the tax payers.