Cigarette: slaying with its third-hand smoke


Cigarettes are more harmful then what we thought and that is already surprising! It’s well known how cigarettes have a poisonous effect in health as the damages it provokes include blood vessels, reproductive organs, mouth, lungs, heart, and many other organs. Certainly, the number of deaths caused by smoking cigarettes is higher than alcohol in many countries. Though, not only its first-hand smoke kills, its second-hand smoke can be very dangerous causing the same number of diseases. But how is this a new discovery? These effects have been known for a while.

English Herbs and Astrology for the Sick

Empirical Observations             

A Shift in Medical Paradigm

A Shift in Medical Paradigm
Empirical Observations: 
Throughout the analysis of the physical exterior of the book “Anatomy of the Bones Muscles” by John Bell, several attributes and key features are noticeable which evidently distinguish it from the writings 
that are published today. Primarily, the rugged texture of the front cover which possesses a unique pattern similar to snake skin being quite apparent gives no information about the subjects addressed in its

Our Tea is their Remedy: Magical Practices in Calabria and the Western World

Through ethnographic observation, anthropologists raise their cultural awareness. In an attempt to view magical practices in Calabrian and other Western cultures as equal yet different, this article will examine how certain items are incorporated in magic around the world. With these cultural differences in mind, we can understand how objects that are respected for their healing properties in certain regions are not necessarily revered everywhere.

Five Year Old Girl Consumes Marijuana!

I could not believe the title of the article when I read it. I'm usually not interested by the topic of the legalization of marijuana because, to me, every article on this subject reads like propaganda. Also, the lack of rational and rigorous scientific research does not enable me to take position.  I chose this subject, however, because it forced me to think about a dilemma that I have never been confronted with before. Paige and Matt Figi faced a harsh decision indeed.