Marijuana in the Media

Marijuana, being considered one of the most relevant topics of today’s day and age, has recently been discussed about its legalization in the country. Before and after Justin Trudeau’s campaign and election, many different opinions and subjective thoughts have been made towards the subject, creating a storm of controversy in today’s media. This is based on his proposal to legalize pot, loosely influenced by Colorado’s success after legalizing the substance all throughout the state.

Legalizing Marijuana, Yes or No?

North American people have a lot of rights and most of them are free to make their own choices. Although they must respect the law, they sometimes choose the wrong way and decide to go against it. This is exactly what happens to many young men and women who are involved in marijuana traffic and suffer from this illegal drug market each year in North America. However, legalizing, regulating and restricting access to marijuana would have many good effects on population.

Should marijuana be legalized?

         Many issues are subject of debate in our societies for their legalization. Marijuana is a common one that contains a lot of positive and negative opinions. This plant has been considered criminal under the law in most part of the world. Most of people assume it's wrong because of some scientific evidence, and claims that cannabis is more harmful than other drugs we use all the time like alcohol and cigarettes. Our relationship with this drug is shaped by its status as a banned substance. In fact, there is more scientific evidence claiming that cannabis is safer than alcohol.

Government Finances and Marijuana in Quebec

With Phillip Couillard looking to cut nearly $2.4 billion from Quebec spendings[14], solutions definitely have to be found. As of now, the liberal party of quebec is focusing on cuts to public services rather than creating additional revenue streams. With a healthy weed culture and minimal enforcement on individuals, Quebec looks to be one of the best prospects in Canada for marijuana legalization.

The canabis controversy

2012 was a monumental year for the legalization of marijuana. Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize cannabis on a recreational level, and while there is much debate and many people on either side of the fence whether more states should continue on this path and legalize recreational use of the popular propaganda plant, no matter how you slice it, money is money, and there is always going to be a deficit somewhere that needs to be filled.

Should marijuana be legalized on a purely economical basis?


The issue of marijuana legalization/decriminalization in Canada having been brought to public attention recently by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, journalists Tobi Cohen and Andrea Hill of the Vancouver Sun in their article "Not everyone high on pot's economic benefits" thought it appropriate to clarify both sides of the argument concerning this issue on a financial standpoint. The medical aspect of marijuana use/consumption is not treated in the subject article or in this post.


Public Opinion on Marijuana Usage, Legalization, and Punishments


This article determined and discussed the attitudes of North Americans on issues surrounding the nations coping with illegal drugs and marijuana legalization, decriminalization, punishments, and effects on families. This article gives data on the public view on marijuana in North America and how it has changed over time.

Marijuana: Whats the big deal?

Marijuana: What’s the big deal?