Legalizing Marijuana, Yes or No?

North American people have a lot of rights and most of them are free to make their own choices. Although they must respect the law, they sometimes choose the wrong way and decide to go against it. This is exactly what happens to many young men and women who are involved in marijuana traffic and suffer from this illegal drug market each year in North America. However, legalizing, regulating and restricting access to marijuana would have many good effects on population.

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What is the benefit to studying law as a social science?

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Oct 2, 2015

Do you have an example of ways that you encounter the law on a regular basis?

Law before God? (Post #1)


Religion is one of the biggest problems in society. There are so many different religions that people aren’t going to except every single one, which causes arguments and major problems. Religion shouldn’t be one of the biggest focuses in society, for example, if the religion a person is part of says to wear something then that shouldn’t become a problem. The only thing that would have to be above religion in society is the law. The law shouldn’t attack religion nor support it.

Nigeria is Hell-bent on 'Sanitizing' Gays Due to Law


Though support for the LGBT community seems to be gaining traction in certain parts of the world, there are still many countries where the concept of gay sex still promotes violence and disdain.

Qatar's Justice System Scrutinized by U.N.


The Qatari government has received sharp criticism from a United Nations investigator concerning the state of the justice system in the country, at a press conference on January 26. According to an article written in the New York Times by Rick Gladstone, titled “U.N.

Privacy facing a rapid decline in today's society

Allison Jones from Global Montreal writes about privacy matters with the police concerning cell phones on February 21st, 2013. As well as Laura Holson from the New York Times writing about privacy issues with phones between user to user.  In Avner Levin's academic journal titled “Is workplace surveillance legal in Canada?”, it brings up privacy at work (International Journal of Information Security; Sep2007, Vol. 6 Issue 5, p313-321, 9p, 1 Chart). All of these relate, in some way or another, to the major issue of Crime and Law.