Kids with Guns


According to an article in the New York Times by Trip Gabriel, a 2-year old girl named Caroline Sparks died because she was shot by her 5-year old brother.  The little boy owned a .22 rifle that was made for children of a young age to let them learn to use guns when they are young.  The company that makes these specializes in guns for children.  It is not the first time accidents have happened with these rifles.  The article mentions two other occasions where they have killed som

Volunteer opportunity

The Iténéraire organization is a Montreal program of social rehabilitation. It helps people to get from the street to the real life by making them more employable and autonomous. They give tips to people for them to re-enter society by showing them how to behave and survive. They inform people about their program and also the young people to prevent them from getting there. Their values are respect, equality, creativity, dynamism, autonomy and integrity.


Not so disappointing after all


According to the article ’ ’New tuberculosis vaccine doesn’t protect infants’’ , written by Maria Cheng with the Associated Press and published by CTV News on February 4th 2013, the vaccine that doctors and scientists in London, England, thought would protect infants against Tuberculosis is yet to be found.