iran women

Reflections about feminism in Iran after watching the movie "The Circle".

In his film " The Circle ", Jafar Panahi deals with discriminations suffered by women in Iran. From the first scene, we understand that being born as a woman is not easy in the Iranian society. The different followed women during the film have to face up several discriminations: ban to smoke, obligation to have a veil, ban to travel alone or without the permission of the father or of the husband, ban to abort without the same permission, etc. These women seem to be really locked into a vicious circle (“The Circle”), without exits.

Observing a foreign culture using the example of "The Circle"

After watching the movie "The Circle", it becomes more obvious than ever that in Iran, women are treated differently than they are in our society. This makes the viewer think about this specific culture more intensely and compare it to the society we live in. Sabine Levet talked about this comparative approach in oder to understand a culture. This leads me to the question: How can the film "The Circle" and the main issues of Sabine Levet's presentation be brought together?