The screen in black, a women is crying and after few minutes there is the sound of a baby crying. There is another woman, she is waiting for news about her daughter and the newborn, finally a nurse appears and says “It's a girl”. Now the woman's face is covered with terror.

27.10.2014, Reyhaneh Jabbari, 26 years old, is hanged because she was found guilty of murder; when she was 19 years old, she stabbed Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, 47 years old, a former intelligence agent, that had tried to rape her.

Observing a foreign culture using the example of "The Circle"

After watching the movie "The Circle", it becomes more obvious than ever that in Iran, women are treated differently than they are in our society. This makes the viewer think about this specific culture more intensely and compare it to the society we live in. Sabine Levet talked about this comparative approach in oder to understand a culture. This leads me to the question: How can the film "The Circle" and the main issues of Sabine Levet's presentation be brought together?

Iran arrests 14 journalists co-operating with foreign media organizations


According to an article by Ali Akbar Dareini posted on the Montreal Gazette on January 28th 2013, 14 journalists were arrested in Iran due to alleged co-operation with foreign-based media organizations. Not only this article but also a few more exist where other reporters/journalists got arrested for co-operating with other media organizations. Iran has very strict measures concerning Persian-language media to the measure of having banned it from its population.