Internet censorship

Media Censorship in Mainland China


Recently, WhatsApp messaging app as been blocked by Beijing to tighten surveillance of a big Communist Party meeting. The censorship began in 2009. Now, all the Facebook-owned apps, including Facebook, have now been disabled despite Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts of learning mandarin to make his product accessible to the Chinese population. Other services like Microsoft’s Skype are still available to the population due to their weaker security.

Will Killing Hate Speech Kill Freedom of Speech?


The article "Will Germany's new law kill free speech online?" written by Patrick Evans and posted September 17, 2017 on BBC News portrays the fear surrounding a new law in Germany. This law, called Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz, will be established in October. It would force social media to take down "blatantly illegal" hate speech in 24 hours and less "blatant" hate speech within a week. This rises concerns for some, as "hate speech" is not something clearly defined.

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Considering the amount of time I, and others of my generation, spend on it, any news concerning the future of the Internet holds great interest for me. I'd like to think that the Internet will continue to push the bounds of creativity and freedom of expression throughout the world for years to come. However, in recent years, there have been political campaigns in the US and in Britain to allow governments and/or private companies to censor content on the Internet.