Human Rights



I'm sure that most of you people heard about that major event that happened in Quebec back in 2012: the major student protest. That's one of the few examples of the right to strike. To summarize the article, the right to strike is a fundamental right according to the chart of rights and liberty of Quebec. This right is basically a good way to put heavy pressure against the government when a big group of people is not in favor of a certain law or change since it might affect the group.

The Criminalization of Homosexuality in Nigeria: A Violation of Dignity?

In Nigeria, a new law was passed on January 7, 2014 stating that “a person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies or organizations, or directly or indirectly makes public show of same sex amorous relationship in Nigeria commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a term of 10 years,” (The Associated Press, 2014).

Amnesty International

The very first post that I submitted to the NewsActivism website was concerned with the imprisonment of journalists from Al-Jazeera, in Cairo. Though it was indeed my first piece, I invested some effort into writing it as the issue of civil rights, and how they are flatly ignored in certain regions of the world, has always been something of utmost importance and frustration to me.

A flash from the past!


The article The Asylum System Needs Work was published on June 22nd, 1996. In the editorial the New York Times conveys the story of young Fauziya Kasinga and the horror she has been through when fleeing her country. She fled her native country due to a feeling of persecution based on common practises that she was forced to take part of.

Chinese Official Tortured



As humans being, we have to admit that we are not living in an equal world. Some people have a lot more power and abuse of it and this is exactly what the government of China did to one of its party official Yu Qiyi. I was interested in this article because I just can’t believe this terrible story and how people have surplus of power.