Fighting in Hockey: Yay or Nay

Hockey is commonly known as the most popular sport in Canada. Hockey has had controversial moments in the past pertaining to violence but the most predominant in this day and age is hockey fights. Hockey is one of, if not the only sport which is not centered around fighting that “allows” fighting during the game. Hockey rules do of course punish fighting, but not nearly as severely as other sports do. The punishment for fighting in most major hockey leagues is a mere five minutes in the penalty box, with no other repercussions to the perpetrators or their teams.

Violence in hockey

Hockey pre-season finish on September 29th; every teams will have played seven games. Even if it’s only the pre-games, players don’t give their place; they played physical, hard and intense.


National Hockey League‘s (NHL) chief player disciplinarian, Brendan Shanahan, already had job on this new hockey season. Shanahan had to suspend 5 players. Before making a decision, he have to analyses all the play and how the players are positioned, before the hit.

Corrupt Hockey Player


According an article titled “Jean Béliveau taken aback after being mentioned at inquiry” written by The Canadian Press and published by the Montreal Gazette on May 1, 2013, former Montreal Canadians’ player was shocked to hear his named said in political matters.

Free Habs Tickets?


According to an article titled “Habs Tickets were a Currency of Choice for Corrupting Officials, Inquiry Hears” written by Sidhartha Banerjee and published by The Montreal Gazette on February 11, 2013, public officials are easily corrupted.

Say No To Play?


Montreal families are not pleased with their children’s ice rinks being destroyed, according to an article posted on CTV news Montreal on February 5, 2013.