Why do we need to focus on living a healthy lifestyle?

Why do we need to focus on living a healthy lifestyle?  Living a healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness because having a healthy lifestyle means all parts of a person’s life are balanced physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, environmentally and socially.  It is important for people to change their unhealthy lifestyles to healthy ones; there are many ways to do this.  People can make healthier food choices as well as getting daily exercise.   People could start facing their problems, whether it may be with their inner self, family and friends, work or significant other.  There a

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles


Through IMPACT, an organization, UC Davis’ College of Agricultural and Environmental Science has changed the lives of many Californians by promoting healthy lifestyles.  They have recognized a huge issue being that many people are dying from an unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.  In addition, the increasing rates of eating disorders.  In a study, numerous Californians are considered overweight or obese and are being diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.

How does Religion Affect a Healthy Lifestyle?

I found this study to be very interesting, which showed the connection between religious involvement and living a healthy life in postmenopausal women. The women, in the Women’s Health Initiative observational study all had similar qualities to fit the study’s parameters. They looked at the women’s worship attendance and compared it with healthy choices, like limited alcohol consumption, non-smoking, having preventive medical tests, exercising regularly, and eating habits.

Can Living a Healthy Lifestyle Cause Harm?


Many people are striving to live healthy lifestyles, but some people go the extremes. People start obsessing over their exercise routines and food habits. Those that exercise a lot to live healthy may encounter a natural high from an activity, such as running where they just cannot stop. Others try to eat right, but soon become obsessed and start to take control of what they put into their bodies.