Guns for Protection...Not


Newtown, Connecticut. Aurora, Colorado. These two towns have a common link: they have been victims of innocent people mass shootings. One have been in an elementary school and the other one in a theater making a lot of death and a lot of tears for the entire world. The weapon of the crime: guns.

The guns of the world, are they really necessary?


According to an article from cbc news by the associated press that was written December 14th 2012, at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut there was a shooting where 27 were killed. While 20 of those killed were children. The shooter had then killed himself at the end of the massacre.

It's Time to get Serious


According to an article originally posted, with files from the Canadian Press, on CTV Montreal, on January 22nd, 2013, a 12 year old boy has been charged with manslaughter and possession of a prohibited weapon after shooting his 16 year old brother in the head.