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Harvey Milk: An Openly Gay Official Who Stood for All

In 1977, a new era in American politics had begun. Jimmy Carter was still the incumbent president in Washington and an openly gay man from New York, named Harvey Milk, had won a seat on the San Francisco City-County Board. Though the power between both of these men was very far from equal, the latter figure still managed to provide an entire ostracized community of gay and lesbian men and women an incredibly empowering message – that they could actually have hope for the future that awaited them.


Nigeria is Hell-bent on 'Sanitizing' Gays Due to Law


Though support for the LGBT community seems to be gaining traction in certain parts of the world, there are still many countries where the concept of gay sex still promotes violence and disdain.

Rainbow Flag to be Raised at Montreal's City Hall During Winter Games


On Thursday, it was announced that, just like in other Canadian cities, the LGBT ‘rainbow’ flag would be raised above Montreal’s city hall.

Obama for same-sex immigrants


Brittany McMillan – Founder of Spirit Day

Spirit Day happens in October every year since 2010 and encourages people to wear purple to show their support for gay rights.  In 2010, the first year of the event, 2 million people participated in it and 3 million did the next year.  Celebrities such as Shay Mitchell form Pretty Little Liars and Diana Agron from Glee were ambassadors for the day and others such as the group fun. took part in it in 2012.

Volunteering with the LGBT club at Champlain to affect Gay Rights and Acceptance

Having worked on the issue of gay rights recently, I think it is important to actually do some volunteering surrounding that issue.  However, most of the organizations I e-mail failed to respond to me, and the only one that did, did not have any concrete short term volunteer opportunities.  The only thing they told me to do was to pledge to speak out against homophobic attitudes and bullying.