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In Polyamory not like push for gay marriage, Cathy Young push a case against polyamory unions. Young start by remembering us how the mariage question is a hot subject right now, first the gay community won a big victory in 2013 and now other groups want to change again our views about marriage.


Gay Marriage: Why do gay couples want to get married? Opposition, support and cynicism.


Gay marriage has been a controversial topic in the United States for quite some time. Yet, within all that time there has been no specific study on the subjective reasons for why gay men and women want to get married. Love? Benefits? Other? A study on this topic ran by Jessica Madrid and Stephen Rice shows that even though attitudes towards gay marriage in the United States are changing for the better there is still cynicism and opposition towards same-sex marriage, yet interestingly enough there seems to be even more cynicism towards heterosexual marriage. Why do YOU want to get married, gay or straight?

Bruce Springsteen in Support of Gay Marriage


            Bruce Springsteen has always been an advocate for LGBT rights, but he has recently decided to go farther and star in new social media to convey his feelings about it.  The Four 2012 has started a new campaign that is focusing on the Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota same-sex marriage ballot.  Springsteen is the poster boy for them.  Just recently, there has been a poster circulating with him on the cover and his quote, “The marriage-equality should be recognized for what it truly is-a civil rights issue that must be approved to assure that every citizen is treated equally under the

In Response to American Lawmaker Claims Gays Deserve the Death Penalty


            This was a very eye-opening blog post on just how strongly people feel about gays and gay marriage.  In doing my own research on gay marriage my main focus was how American politicians and the Catholic Church expressed their anti-gay marriage opinions and doctrines to the public.  I think your blog’s first paragraph is very powerful, especially when you quoted the part of the Bible that Mississippi lawmaker Andy Gipson used to justify his position on gays and same-sex marriage.  It shows how volatile emotions are towards gays and same-sex marriages and the possible actions oppo

Does the Media Affect Attitude Towards Gay Marriage?


     This journal is about a recent study of how the media, especially newscasts, shape and change peoples’ attitudes towards same-sex marriage.  There have been past studies about how the media portrays same-sex marriage, but this study is different because it’s examining whether and how the use of other forms of media affect the attitudes of the audience about this issue (Lee and Hicks 1394).  The findings of this study were that those who are younger, female, and more educated would be more likely to be in favor of same-sex marriage (Lee and Hicks 1398).

Straight Talk About Gay Marriage


Gene Robinson is an openly gay bishop of an Episcopal Church who tries to persuade people of “the viability and legitimacy of gay marriage” (Robinson 2012). His methods of getting through to the public about gay marriage is to reason with them instead of calling them out on their beliefs. He uses his faith and theology background to counterattack arguments by saying that “Jesus was silent on the issue” and, “Jesus was often seen as highly focused on family values” (Robinson 2012).

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Marriage has been defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as, “the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law” (Merriam-Webster, 2012).  What if you wanted to marry someone of the same gender? Gay marriage has been under heated debate recently between the gay community, the Catholic Church, and politicians.