freedom of speech

Will Killing Hate Speech Kill Freedom of Speech?


The article "Will Germany's new law kill free speech online?" written by Patrick Evans and posted September 17, 2017 on BBC News portrays the fear surrounding a new law in Germany. This law, called Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz, will be established in October. It would force social media to take down "blatantly illegal" hate speech in 24 hours and less "blatant" hate speech within a week. This rises concerns for some, as "hate speech" is not something clearly defined.

Death to Freedom


I must say living in this century is coming out very difficult in many ways. Especially, to the most outspoken of us, the ones that try to make their best to express not only their beliefs but also to give us ,the population, the right to evaluate situations by having almost all the facts possible to be given. Yes, the journalists. Who are being mistreated all around the world in this right instant.