Fake News

Review of « The victims of fake news »

I recently found a text, written by Nina Berman, an American documentary photographer as well as an associate professor at Columbia University, called « The victims of fake news ». I read this article on the Columbia Journalism Review website, which is an American magazine, published at a frequency of two editions per year since 1961 by the Columbia University Graduate School of journalism. This magazine treats about news, media industry trends, analysis, professional ethics and the stories behind news.

Fake News: A Serious Issue


In the news article that I chose, the main subject is “Cognitive Ability and Vulnerability to Fake News”, which is the title of the article, and it is written by David Z. Hambrick, Madeline Marquardt on February 6, 2018. You can find it on Scientific American. It talks about a study that prove there is a link between cognitive ability and vulnerability to fake news. Researchers find out a major risk factor for damaging effects of misinformation. The study demonstrate that older adults are particularly affect by fake news; they have more tendency to think it is true information.

Population’s trust in social media vs real medias

This article is about how the Australian population is now more aware of the credibility of the news they see on the social medias, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It says that this new consciousness also brings people to be feared about fake information and how it affects people’s trust on actual medias.  They are now more willing to trust the traditional medias (online media, newspapers, etc.). People are now more conscious about the difference between fake news and actual news.

Facebook: A Solution to the End of Fake News?


With approximately 1.8 billion members, it would be inaccurate to say that Facebook does not have an influence on the opinions and on the exposure to mass media of a quarter of the World population. In the beginning of 2017, Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg finally recognized this social media’s responsibility in the consumption of news, be it fake or not, and created the Facebook Journalism Project.

The World Surrounded by Fake News


Fake news has had a huge increase over the past few years. Many people such as Donald Trump have been using the fake news to their advantage in helping to get more power as mentioned by writer Sarah Kendzior in the article “The Fake War on Fake News” published by the Globe and Mail on December 16 2016.