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The Price Tag of Pollution

The Canadian based news company ‘Toronto Star’ released an article on the challenges the Canadian economy faces due to pollution. In 2015, the IISD predicted that the cumulative cost of pollution, in many indirect and direct manners, could be well over fifty billion dollars. In the report they defined pollution as “anything released into the environment by human activity including car exhaust, sewage, crude oil spill off, greenhouse gas emissions, fertilizers, waste heat, noise, light and chemicals like pesticides, plastic additives, and flame retardants” (Ballingall, 2017).

Air Pollution the Cause of 3.3 Million Deaths


In the article “Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution” the Guardian reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a health warning about deadly levels of air pollution.The high levels of smog are appearing in cities with high population growth, and is created by mix of transport fumes, construction dust, toxic gases from power generation and wood burning in homes.

Reducing Water, Energy and Chemical use in the Textile Industry


     Currently, the global textile industry has large, negative impacts on the environment. These issues of over-using resources, chemicals (i.e bleach, colour textiles) and energy don’t only affect the health of precious land and water, but also people’s health. In Milan, Italy, new partnerships have come about for the goal to reduce the impacts rooted in the textile industry according to Environment and Energy Management News with the article titled "Bayer, Bluesign Push Sustainable Textile Industry".