Chess and Brain


    The article “10 big brain benefits of playing chess” by an anonymous person, published on April 02, 2014, explains that learning chess is a big benefit for everyone, no matter the age. According to this article, chess can raise people’s IQ, increase creativity and increase memory.  A two-year study took place in 1985 and the results were that students that played chess has in average better grade than those who never played chess. Furthermore, chess can improve problem-solving skills, reading skills, concentration and planning as well as teach foresight.

Malala's way of Education!


In my recent posts, I have been talking about education. While doing some researches, I arrived upon an interesting person that has a huge impact and changed a lot in our education recently.

Brossard Chinese School

Is my teacher gay (and does it matter)?


There are gay teachers. Maybe you even had one. But how does being gay affect their lives as teachers? Middle and high school is known for it's issues with bullying, especially open LGBT students. School administrations are known to "non discriminatorily" fire LGBT teachers. Teachers are supposed to be role models and safe havens for student's outside school - so how can teacher's achieve this by hiding their own secret?

Cultivating Cultural Creativity


The article “Sino-English Culture Difference and Teaching in Foreign Language Education” discusses the struggles foreign language instructors face in teaching the accompanying culture of the language they are teaching. These educators have long since ascertained the importance of teaching culture to their students, but the problem remains for how to go about doing this in a way that maximizes comprehension. The solution, this article asserts, lies in the mastery of a skill called ‘cultural creativity’. In order to better illustrate these points, the author uses the specific example of teaching English as a foreign language in China.

Electronic devices are a distraction

On Thursday November the 8th 2012 an article named ‘’Generation Text’’ was published in the CTV Montreal News. The article points out that today’s teenagers are becoming more and more depending on technology such as cell phones. They always have their cell phones in their hands at all time.

Blog Action: Inclusive Education


On the tremendously well-known social network, Facebook, an activist group for inclusive education has developed. This activist group is called, The Inclusive Education Action Group or the IEAG. This organization invites anyone who is a member of Facebook to join or like their action group in order to spread the word about pressing for changes among the education system within the United States.