New drug ; Fentanyl


Fentanyl, a new drug coming from China that is becoming a huge health threath.

Fentanyl abstract

Fentanyl is highly popular and Canada’s deadliest drug. For opioid user who first encounter it as a drug to reduce their pain. Friesan study of 1026 reported that Fentanyl is highly avaible because of doctor who prescribe it and user sell it on the black market. It is also mass produced in China where there is no law that regulate it.  Fentanyl is highly lethal because of its potency and can led to respiratory failures according to Nelson. Furthermore, fentanyl is highly destructive for the community because it is sold as less potent drugs which lead to overdoses according to Popova.

A Healthier beginning




A sane mind in a drug free body


Drugs and alcohol are common addictions that have been social issues one way or the other for several years.

The Role of Your Marital Status in a Child’s Drug Use

Adolescent drug use is unfortunately an issue in both rural and urban areas but would anyone stop to think that maybe it’s caused by the parents? In Hemovich and Crano’s article, they investigated the effects of single parent households on drug use in 8th to 12th graders across the US.

The horse's meat in Europe


According to the article ‘’U.K.: Horse drug may have entered human food chain’’ written by the Associated Press and published on February 14th2013, the human food chain could be contaminated by a special horse drug.

Athletes and drugs

In the modern day world of Athletics athletes are always looking to get an edge, to be better than their opponent. Many athletes do this by going the traditional route by spending time in the gym working on their game and training to be bigger, faster and stronger. But there are athletes that look for short cuts; these athletes break specific rules by using performance-enhancing drugs. Some of these drugs include banned supplements, but most commonly steroids and human growth hormones.

A Painful Truth

The overall intention the Modern Hippocratic Oath is to first and foremost, do no harm. We see all too often that in the United States, this principal is not held to the highest order. The leniency of doctor’s offices and pain clinics is a serious issue that goes relatively unaddressed and is fueling the addictions of many.

The fine line between legal and illegal: drugs and athletes

            In the world of athletics, one major focus is to be bigger, faster, stronger, and better than your opponent. Some people go the traditional way and just spend time training and working out to better themselves and their bodies. Others especially significant in professional football and baseball use performance enhancers to make themselves bigger and stronger to gain an edge.