The Never Ending Battle: Equal Pay for Women

                     Gender inequality, specifically the issue of the wage gap has been a widely disputed and sometimes even unnoticed topic for as long as I can even remember. The disputes aren't even about whether or not there is even a wage gap because everybody knows there is. According to,"No, The Gender Pay Gap Isn't A Myth--And Here's Why" by Catherine Pearson, "'Few experts dispute that there is a wage gap, but differences in the life choices of men and women - such as women tending to leave the workforce when they have children - make it difficult to make comparisons.

Deck the Halls with...Discrimination?

     Discrimination is a topic that's hotter than cocoa, more pungent than fresh-cut pine, and louder than carols. Who ever thought that Christians would be discriminated against for celebrating their own holiday incorrectly? Christmas, the holiday that is world renowned (even among atheists) for its peace and joy, is now being pounced upon with hatred. While public acknowledgement of Chanukah and Kwanzaa is on the rise, Christmas is being forcibly shaken from the public circle.

House for Rent: Not you, you're Native


House for Rent: Not you, you’re Native

M[us]lims: How the Media Feeds [Us] Opinions

In a perfect world, the media would be unbiased and would simply inform people of certain events and issues, instead of feeding them opinions. In the real world, this does not hold true. Because of the media’s powerful influence and presence, almost anything that they display is taken to heart, and strongly affects a population’s thoughts and beliefs. The media needs to act responsibly when informing the population, as to not cause damage or distress to a significant sample of the population at large.

Racism Live In Canada


Racism Live in Canada

By: Robin Coward

Pretty In Pink.

                When I was a kid I never really had a favourite colour, and I still don't. However I do remember this one time I was in first grade, the teacher had the class do a poll on which colour was better than others. Each child could only vote once.
At that time if I had to choose a colour, I’d say that I preferred blue more than others.

Does Faith and Work Mix?


According to Joshua Stewart more religious issues in the workplace have been coming up over the past couple months. Which leads people to ask, to what degree can faith be practiced while in the workplace? For example, a judge sided with a Sikh man rather than the car dealership that chose not to hire him because of the beard on his face. Another judge stated that any business owner has no right to lecture an employee, especially on the owner’s own religious customs and beliefs. Over the past 15 years religious issues in the workplace have doubled.

The Great Debate


Henri Brun, a former Supreme Court judge chose to speak out on the Charter of Values proposed by the provincial government. He stated that while he believes that this Charter will bring years of conflict and trouble he still thinks that it shouldn’t be dropped. Brun, along with a group of pro-charter lawyers who go by the name of “Juristes pour la laïcité et la neutralité religieuse de l’État” believe that the charter is constitutional and valid. According to the beliefs of this group faith is a personal matter that should not be forced upon anyone nor displayed in public.

Discrimination against Roma



No more work for smokers


The Ottawa internet firm Momentous is now not hiring smokers. The company is very open to many things like bringing your dog to work, but no smokers. They apparently are not the first to do it. In the United-States, 29 states deny such practices. In Canada it is more complicated. Smoking is not a right, but it is also illegal to discriminate people with disabilities. The national court has now to determine if smoking is a disability.