Rehab for Ian Thorpe?


Early morning, February 3rd, Ian Thorpe, the Australian Olympic swimmer, was found trying to break into a van. In the article “Olympic champion Ian Thorpe in rehab after being detained by police” by The Associated Press (published February 3rd, 2014), it is learnt that this famous swimmer was under the influence of antidepressants and painkillers. This led him to be disoriented enough to believe that he was trying to get into his friend’s van.

Triggers of Depression

Depression is a mental state and condition that adversely affects a person’s behavior, thoughts and mental well-being. Generally, depression causes sadness, anxiety, emptiness and/or restlessness. A lot of times, depression can be a very crippling mental illness, because it is one of those few ones that are difficult to even notice, let alone diagnose properly.