Chris Brown's Domestic Assault on Rihanna Through a Gendered Lens

We've all heard it before, domestic violence is a very real and present issue in many cultures today, and celebrities are no exception. A recent BBC article interviewed Rihanna about the very exposed abusive relationship she endured with her now ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna points out interesting things related to her specific case of domestic abuse and how she managed to thrive for a change by trying to reform her ex-boyfriend, even though the violence was still pursuing in her life.


St. Michel: The land of gunfire


On Friday the 15th of February 2013 at 5 p.m., a 35 year old man was the target of numerous gunshots. The victim was not injured in this incident and was transported to a hospital where he was kept because of the mental shock he endured. According to Paul Cherry’s article published on The Gazette‘s website on the 16th of February 2013, the incident took place at the residential area of 9th Avenue and Denis-Papin.