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Thinking About Conservation and the North Atlantic Right Whale


              The North Atlantic Right Whale suffered a brush with devastation as it was found nearly extinct in the mid 1900’s. As of today, it is estimated a mere 500 whales are still alive (Kraus et Al; 2016). The article in question examines current innovation and conservation techniques revolving around the NARW. Its main actors are fishermen and fisheries, regulators such as federal/provincial governments, and researchers of the species themselves.

Vacation to Conservation Station: Canada's National Parks Free Admission

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Moose and Deforestation - Uncertainty at it's Best

Newfoundland has the highest concentration of moose in the world. This is not a completely natural phenomenon though, as moose are considered an invasive species that were brought to the island for hunting purposes. The combination of abundant food sources and the lack of natural predators have allowed this large animal to flourish. The article Hungry moose upsetting Gros Morne habitat discusses some of the unintended outcomes and issues related to the rise in moose population on the island, with a focus on the changes to the landscape within Gros Morne National Park.

Update: Yasuni National Park

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the impending danger of the oil drilling in Yasuni National Park, and it seems as though I missed something. President Rafael Correa had a conservation plan that would save the rainforest. Unfortunately, the world has failed us and the plan has fallen through. Yasuni National Park is back on schedule to be drilled for oil.


Conservation and the Environment: Saving the World as We Know It

The environment is one of the most important things around us.  We are consumed by the environment, by nature, and by living organisms.  It is our job to protect the beauty around us as much as we can.  Civilization will end without an environment that not only the human race can survive in, but the animals as well.  Our world needs to be preserved and there are plenty of things everyone can do to help save our planet.