Pope Francis: The Change Maker

Born December 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pope Francis is the son of Italian immigrants. The greater part of his life has been dedicated to his faith, as he took his first vows as a Jesuit in 1960. After three years of studies, he began teaching literature and psychology in high school and theology at the San Miguel eminary. He became an ordained priest in 1969 and was named coadjutor archbishop in 1997. On March 13th, 2013, he was finally elected pope, and he retains this position to this day (Meko).

The Pope Makes History


According to an article titled “Pope Benedict Makes First Appearance since Resignation News” written by Laura Smith-Spark and published by CNN on February 13, 2013, Pope Benedict makes history as the second Pope to step down.

Church and Capital Punishment


The Roman Catholic Church has experienced a difference of opinions regarding the death penalty over the last thirty years (Miller 2012). Polls reveal that since the mid-1990s, one third of Americans are now against the death penalty (Miller 2012). Roman Catholic politicians have now begun to openly show their opposition to capital punishment in their campaigns. As a result, an increased number of states, such as Connecticut, have enacted bills that outlaw the death penalty.