capital punishment

Should capital punishment be abolished?


Capital punishment has raised many moral issues for decades. In the article “Capital Punishment in America: Dismantling the Machinery of Death”, published by The Economist on April 26, 2014, two points of views are raised concerning the death penalty in the United States. As the article mentions, the United States is one of the few remaining wealthy countries to still use the death penalty as a form of punishment.

The Death Penalty

Should we have the death penalty in Canada?

The article that I chose was on the topic of capital punishment (death penalty) in short what this article talks about is the removal of the death penalty in Canada.  They talk about the leaders that were in place and what they did to remove the death penalty. They also talk about how in fact we did use the death penalty and what we did to the person that was getting executed.

Death Penalty: Justice or Just Wrong?

     The death penalty is a form of punishment that has caused immense, worldwide controversy. Do capital crimes require the death sentence? Moral values, religious views, and political ideals have caused a split of opinions regarding this question. Supporters of the death penalty believe that murderers deserve to die for their crimes, as well as for inflicting pain on the victims’ families. Is revenge the answer? If our society bases its laws on revenge, then we are more likely to live in a world of hate and destruction.

God Chooses Life


God Chooses Life

Church and Capital Punishment


The Roman Catholic Church has experienced a difference of opinions regarding the death penalty over the last thirty years (Miller 2012). Polls reveal that since the mid-1990s, one third of Americans are now against the death penalty (Miller 2012). Roman Catholic politicians have now begun to openly show their opposition to capital punishment in their campaigns. As a result, an increased number of states, such as Connecticut, have enacted bills that outlaw the death penalty.