Remote controlled “living” organism ?

June 22 2004, Matt Nagle a former football athlete was the first human being to use a direct neural interface (DNI) or brain-computer interface (BCI) to promote its autonomy after his paralysis. It is quite normal to be amazed by a technology that allows a disabled person to develop as others and be more autonomous. Let’s face it, creating a device that directly communicates with your neurons could raise some serious ethical questions regarding is use.

Chess and Brain


    The article “10 big brain benefits of playing chess” by an anonymous person, published on April 02, 2014, explains that learning chess is a big benefit for everyone, no matter the age. According to this article, chess can raise people’s IQ, increase creativity and increase memory.  A two-year study took place in 1985 and the results were that students that played chess has in average better grade than those who never played chess. Furthermore, chess can improve problem-solving skills, reading skills, concentration and planning as well as teach foresight.