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The Perfect Problem in Women's Media Portrayal

Famous, or might one say infamous, for their line of lingerie entitled 'Body' released a little over a year ago, Victoria's Secret reminded everyone once again of the one dimensional and homogenous portrayal of women in the media. The above original version of the ad  had the words "The Perfect ' Body'" in its center and featured almost exclusively white women sporting the ever popular waif look.

Real Talk About Fat Shaming


Just a few weeks ago, youtuber Nicole Arbour posted a video that quickly went viral, called “Dear Fat People”. In the video, she claims that fat shaming is just something invented by people who are overweight. She made multiple rude jokes and went overboard, as comedians do. Most people responded negatively to her video and just didn’t see her jokes as funny. Through all the yelling, rudeness, and useless stories, I do think she has a point.

Media's Harmful Effect on Body Images


Media’s Harmful Effect on Body Images

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In today`s society, we rarely realize how toxic negative talk truly is to our personal health and our self-esteem. Caitlin Boyle, a 28 year old from North Carolina, realized from her own experiences how vital and necessary it is to have wellness and a positive outlook on your life and your self. That is why she created the website Operation Beautiful. Her website`s main goal is to end negative self-talk, or “fat talk” as she calls it. Operation Beautiful began by Boyle leaving encouraging messages on post-it-notes on the mirrors of public restrooms.

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            Love Your Body is a foundation that deals with the overwhelming issue in our society of body image. This foundation promotes to men and woman that the unhealthy body images seen in the media are not truly achievable and that you shouldn’t strive for what’s being portrayed. It discusses the terrible body dieases that have come about from the media such as anorexia, bulimia, steroid raging, etc. They tell how the media uses programs to adjust the models and actresses and that those are not actually their bodies.

The Effects of Significant Others on Body Image and Body Changes in Adolescents


Based on recent studies, the influences of parents, peers, and media on adolescent girls is far higher than the influence on adolescent boys. Particularly the mother has the greatest influence on their daughters’ appearance, eating practices, and their self-esteem. Researchers also show that daughters who are bulimic or have some type of eating disorder are likely to have been compelled or pressured to by their own mothers (Marita P. McCabe, 2003).

Body Beautiful


In a recent article posted in the Sunday Telegraph (Australia), Marinos (2012) takes an encouraging approach on the ongoing battle between men and women and how they view their bodies. According to research from the University of Arizona, involving 301 young women in their first year of college, they have identified five ways to develop a healthy and realistic body image. These include the following; building a supportive family; rejecting the thin ideal; rejecting the super woman ideal; focusing on fitness; and managing stress healthily. By appreciating the bodies that we are given and finding alternative ways to handle social factors and pressures we face daily, we can help to improve our confidence and accept who we are from the inside out.

Are You In Or Out?

            Small waist, defined biceps, six-pack abs, size zero, toned thighs, and the list can continue onward.  Nothing compares to the gratifying feeling of looking “ripped” or feeling skinny. But when this gratifying feeling turns into an obsession, actions can get out of control.